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AS/NZS 4801

The Australian and New Zealand Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems has been superseded by the new international OHS Standards, ISO 45001.

AS/NZS 4801 has been superseded by the new International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 45001:2018. As the benchmark Standard for OHS management systems, organisations currently certified to AS/NZS 4801 must migrate to ISO 45001:2018 by 13 July 2023.

Key Benefits

Start your Migration to ISO 45001

Organisations currently certified to AS/NZS 4801 must migrate to the first international Standard for OHS management systems, ISO 45001, by July 13, 2023.

Improve Business Performance

An OHS management system compliant with ISO 45001 keeps staff safe, helps minimize OHS risks and take advantage of opportunities.

We’re Here to Help

Our leading experts are available to support you throughout your migration journey with education, training and toolkits.

What Is It?

Certification to AS/NZS 4801 demonstrates your commitment to your employees health and safety.

An OHS management system promotes a healthy working environment by providing a framework to identify, control and manage OHS risks and opportunities.

AS/NZS 4801:2001 has been superseded by ISO 45001:2018, the new international Standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

ISO 45001 provides a robust framework for managing OHS risks and opportunities, provide a safe and healthy workplace and protect your most important asset, your people, from physical and mental health.
When Can I Migrate to ISO 45001?

All organisations currently certified to AS/NZS 4801 will have until July 13, 2023 to migrate to ISO 45001.

You can migrate during your next:

  • Surveillance Audit
  • Recertification Audit
  • At a Special Audit

A minimum of 1 extra day will be added to your audit for the migration.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare for My Migration?
  • Obtain a copy of ISO 45001:2018
  • Undertake a gap analysis to identify gaps in your current certified OHSMS against the new requirements in ISO 45001
  • Ensure any new competence needs are met and all parties impacting the effectiveness of the OHSMS are made aware
  • Update the existing OHSMS to meet the new requirements and verify the effectiveness through your internal audit program
What Happens if I Don’t Migrate by the Deadline?
  • Your AS/NZS 4801 certifications will no longer be valid
  • If you don’t complete the migration by the deadline, your organisation will be treated as a new applicant and will require a Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit
What Upcoming Changes Are There For AS/NZS 4801 Certificates?
  • JAS-ANZ is updating the scheme rules for AS/NZS 4801 certificates to align with ISO 45001 requirements.
  • This means for audits after March 31, 2021, ISO 45001 durations will apply to AS/NZS 4801 regardless of migrating timing.

Next Steps

We can help your organisation migrate to ISO 45001.

  • Implement your system with a team of workers, management and key personnel.
  • Contact SAI Global to discuss requirements and audit timeframes and costs.
  • Review and accept proposal to book audit dates.
  • Your migration audit can occur during your next Surveillance, Recertification or Scheduled audit.
  • Upon successful certification, display the ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMark™.
  • Contact us today to discuss your migration plan.

Understand your Migration Requirements

Find out what’s new in ISO 45001 compared to AS/NZS 4801 and the steps to migrating in this free webinar on-demand.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step In Your Migration?

Request a callback from one of our certification experts to have a no-obligation discussion around certification to AS/NZS 4801 or migrating to ISO 45001:2018 with SAI Global.