5 Ticks StandardsMark™

The ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMark™ on a product or management system is an independent assurance to the customer that the organisation has undergone a rigorous audit and testing program.

SAI Global owns the range of certification trade marks that are based on the ‘five ticks’ brand. Only clients certified by SAI Global may have the privilege to display one of these very highly regarded marks. The recognition in the marketplace gives our certified clients a cutting edge over competitors who are not certified by SAI Global.

5 Ticks StandardsMark Brand Recognition

Insights from a recent independent survey* indicates the brand strength of The ‘Five Ticks’ StandardsMark™ logo in market.

77% of consumers surveyed agree that the Five Ticks logo meant a product could be trusted
*Fourt2Consulting: Five Ticks – Consumer Insight Report, October 2018
70% of consumers surveyed said they used quality indicators such as the 5 Ticks logo to help them to select products
*Fourt2Consulting: Five Ticks – Consumer Insight Report, October 2018
54% of consumers surveyed prefer products that have the Five Ticks logo
*Fourt2Consulting: Five Ticks – Consumer Insight Report, October 2018

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