Technical Advisory Services

Businesses throughout the supply chain are under pressure to meet ever-more stringent compliance and regulatory standards.

Equipping your business with the right level of technical expertise will help you navigate the food risk landscape. You will be able to assure your customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies that you are producing or supplying safe food in a safe environment.

Intertek SAI Global helps businesses mitigate risk, establish safe and ethical practices and continually meet customer expectations. Our team of world-class technical managers and consultants have a wealth of industry experience across all sectors of the food supply chain.

Your Brand Is Your Biggest Asset, Protect It

Our team of experts work with you to: Manage safe and legal operations, Monitor compliance with all relevant standards, Respond in a timely and appropriate manner to any challenges, Identify opportunities for improvement, and Develop a positive food safety culture.

Advisory Services

Sometimes all it takes to manage risks or avoid a crisis, is assistance from a qualified expert.

Supply Chain Management

Our technical experts can help you to implement a comprehensive supply chain management programme.

To ensure success, this programme will cover direct and indirect suppliers alike. The process covers:

  • Scope and design risk assessment protocols
  • Draft/Review supplier questionnaires
  • Provide a managed service to assess risk and determine the audit frequency
  • Engage with operations team to deliver audits, including training and providing calibration materials for auditors
  • Recommend requirements for investigative audits
  • Trend analysis of audit outcomes to indicate area of development for future audit standards

Specification Management

Specification management helps ensure your products meet safety, legality and quality standards.

Our experts can advise on:

  • Identify non-compliance to client codes of practice or legal concerns
  • Request for further detail from suppliers
  • Operate over client platform to provide technical specification resource
  • Labelling and artwork approval
  • Review specifications to substantiate any claims made on finished products
  • Recommend testing schedules
  • Review existing protocols
  • Risk assess during the NPD process
  • Investigate the root causes of ‘out of specification’ trends

Policies and Codes of Practice

Effective policies and procedures are critical for any food business that wants to create safe and compliant business processes.

Our team can help you to:

  • Develop new policies, standards and systems
  • Advise on issues such as labelling, due diligence and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) planning
  • Research and report on risk management or other operational issues
  • Develop operational procedures for manufacturing, supply chain management or restaurant operations

Menu Management

Customers need accurate menu information to avoid triggering allergies and meet their dietary requirements

Our team can help ensure:

  • Text is accurate, lawful and clear, helping to promote the brand while avoiding potential problems with customers or regulatory authority
  • Provenance, nutritional or health claims can be substantiated
  • Prices are consistent across different menu types
  • Products are reformulated to meet Government targets for salt and sugar

Food Safety Training

Our food safety training courses provide you with practical knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, management system certification and standards.

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