Inlight™ – End-to-End Supply Chain Risk Management

Enhance Visibility in Your Supply Chain

Inlight™ enables organisations to better understand their supply chain risks and protect their brand. The customisable assurance platform utilises supplier data to support global companies who require trusted information about the capabilities and compliance of their supplier partners to identify risks to their organisation.

End-to-end risk management

Inlight delivers risk transparency and visibility into the complex supplier network that drives global economies, facilitating improved processes, responsible sourcing decisions and operational resilience.

Maximise your supply chain resilience.
Overview of the Inlight Process

Key Benefits of Inlight™ Supply Chain Management

Inlight is a web-based platform which helps you identify, visualise, and manage supply chain risk by leveraging data sourced from your suppliers. Our proven supply chain leadership, global footprint and end-to-end risk management approach add value to our client partners’ global operations.

Gain Visibility Into Your Supply Chain Risks

Quickly and easily identify key information on your supplier partners’ capabilities and policies, make better informed risk decisions and determine the possible impact to your consumers.

Simplify Your Supply Chain Management Process

Simplify your supply chain management process through risk based analysis and intelligence, to improve business opportunities and relationships in your global supply chain.

Onboard Your Suppliers Efficiently

Onboard new suppliers quickly to gain early visibility into any risk factors that could hinder production or service delivery.


Load, map, and cleanse your supplier data including unique attributes and identification of tiers. Engage suppliers with custom and preferred email templates.

Profiling & Prioritization

Assess inherent risk of suppliers leveraging key data points and self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs) to understand, prioritise, and mitigate supply chain risk.


Evaluate suppliers through desktop verification of SAQs, onsite or remote assessments, and 3rd party assurance solutions managed online and through audit grading matrices.

Remediation & Improvement

Mitigate risk through online and offline Corrective Action Plans (CAP). Empower employees and suppliers using either our eLearning platform, Wisetail, or in-person classroom training. Can be linked to individual assessment findings or key compliance topics.

Analytics & Reporting

Leverage in-depth analytics to support communication and disclosure of ESG and Supply Chain Risk programme efforts. Track trending risks, opportunities and identify remediation efforts with a proactive and data-driven approach to managing your supply chain.


Leverage industry-leading insights on data and trends to drive improvement in your supply chain.

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What Is Inlight™

Inlight is a supply chain management solution designed to provide the traceability and transparency necessary for informed global businesses. It enhances visibility onto your supply chain, which helps to manage risk and provide more insight into your supplier.

Through a winning combination of people expertise and process support, we provide cost effective solutions for supplier onboarding, assessment and risk analysis, while streamlining and integrating procurement, compliance (quality, social, security) and sustainability strategies.

Aligned to the OECD Due Dilligence Model, the Inlight system can help companies better manage their supply chain and supply chain mapping strategy, while adding supply chain resilience and operational flexibility.

The six-step cycle proces includes supplier data cleansing, on-boarding, assessment and risk analysis services, delivered through our assurance solution, combining platform, people and expertise.

This provides a cost effective solutions to manage and mitigate risk, while streamlining and integrating procurement, compliance (quality, social, security) and sustainability strategies.
The Inlight Process

From supplier on-boarding and assessing risks to profiling and auditing, Intertek’s Inlight system and Supply Chain Management teams worldwide provide the most effective end-to-end supplier management solution on the market.

The 6-step cycle includes:

  1. Cleanse: Onboard existing suppliers, supply chain mapping, cleanse and review new suppliers.
  2. Map Risks: Apply Inherent Risk screening, customised client focus, review supplier risk results.
  3. Profile: Supplier risk based Self-Assessment- off the shelf or bespoke: business profiles, topic focussed.
  4. Prioritise: Filter suppliers by capability, risk, improvement needs.
  5. Verification: Supply chain due diligence through onsite verification, supply chain audits, certification, inspections or testing.
  6. Analysis: Analyse your supplier data, benchmark trend and make informed decisions.
What Makes Inlight Unique

Inlight platform is designed to save you time, money and risk. Developed for buyers and suppliers, it provides maximum visibility into the supply chain, which mitigates supply chain risk. It helps protect brand reputation and reduce supplier management costs.

  • End-to-End Solution: An end-to-end supply chain assurance for all sectors and all compliance topics
  • Speed to set up: Standard off the shelf offering covering large number of compliance topics ready to plug and play
  • Optimized Performance and Quality: Data rich insights drive targeted focus and helps drive continuous improvement environment, optimizing spend and impact on quality
  • Subject Matter Experts: SMEs with industry knowledge to ensure the right level of focus for your program
  • Local Support: Largest global network provides support on the ground, in the local language
  • Flexible Set-Up: Customizable solution tailored to your program objectives and needs
Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA)

Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program provides a powerful, web-based solution for companies and facilities seeking to improve workplace conditions efficiently and in accordance with widely accepted industry standards and best practices.

WCA is an industry-agnostic and widely accepted risk-based solution in our Supply Chain Assurance suite of services. It provides an on the ground support and expertise to help companies manage Supply Chain Due Diligence specific to social and labor conditions, health & safety, environment, and business practices.

Benefits to WCA for your organisation:

  • Risk based approach and program implementation guidance from Intertek experts, coupled with technology platform, where needed
  • Better decision-making support based on comparable benchmarks and detailed Data Analytics and Insights across the entire supply chain displayed via interactive Risk Dashboards
  • Good corporate governance and ‘preferred supplier’ status for implementing a program that is in full accordance with social and environmental industry best practices
  • Supply chain visibility and transparency beyond tier 1 and 2 with tools to identify high risk suppliers and focus your resources effectively where it matters
  • Community based sharing model to reduce audit duplication and support in Mutual Recognition Acceptance

Inlight Overview

Inlight 2.0 was built to meet the needs of the ever changing complexity of the global supply chain, allowing for increased product advancements, evolutionary development, adaptive planning and continual improvement.

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