Product Certification

Build trust and integrity by demonstrating your commitment to quality.

Gain third party assurance that your product meets customer expectations and specific standard requirements.

The 6 Steps to Certification

To achieve StandardsMark™ certification, you need to take the following steps:

1. Product Standards or Specifications
Determine what standards or specifications are essential for your product. In many cases, a product may be required to meet a number of standards or specifications; in others, a minimum level of assurance may be required.Visit to obtain standards.
2. Does Your Product Conform?
Before applying for certification, you should make an assessment of whether the product is likely to meet the standard. This assessment may be internal or external.
3. Submit an Application
You must submit detailed information about the range of products for which you are seeking certification.For further information refer to the Product Certification Guide to Applicants, which is available from our account management team.
4. Submit Your Product for Testing
After Intertek SAI Global acknowledges your application, we will prepare a Type Test program and your product can then be tested by a recognised laboratory (normally NATA-accredited or equivalent). SAI Global technical staff will assess your product’s design and performance compliance against the nominated standard or specification.
5. Manufacturing Site Quality Plan Audit
Intertek SAI Global’s audit scheduling team will contact applicants to arrange a mutually agreeable audit date for the nominated manufacturer/s.
6. Certification and Logos
Certification is issued upon successful audit and review of type testing. Certified products can then be released from the manufacturer. The StandardsMark™ logo may be used in product promotion with approval by Intertek SAI Global.

5 Ticks StandardsMark™

Get instant credibility for your product certification with the SAI Global ‘5 Ticks’ StandardsMark™, the world’s most recognisable logo.

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