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Employee Training Solutions

Intertek SAI Global is proud to partner with our sister company, Intertek Alchemy, to offer you the leading employee training solution for processors, manufacturers, packagers, and distributors of all sizes.

Build a Safe & Productive Workforce

Because people make the difference, Intertek Alchemy’s innovative training technology helps ensure the everyday actions made by your employees have a valuable impact on safety, quality, and productivity.

Learn more about how you can bring your safety culture by requesting a demo of Intertek Alchemy today.

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All Your Training Needs Solved

Creating, delivering, and managing employee training is challenging enough.

Mix in workforces with varying languages and education levels, hazardous working environments, strict industry regulations, and increasing production goals and you’ve narrowed your options to one: the Intertek Alchemy Training Systems.

Training Courses

Get instant access to hundreds of multi-lingual, industry vetted courses on food safety, workplace safety, HR, and more. All featuring adult learning best practices.

Customisation Tools

Easily customise Alchemy courses with site-specific photos and videos or build feature-rich courses from scratch. All of which can be translated into over 80+ languages.

Flexible Delivery

The Alchemy Training Systems gives you multiple delivery options with the ability to train your workforce in groups, individually via eLearning or on the job.

Training Management

Leverage robust admin tools to simplify training development plans, automate recordkeeping, and provide real time reporting for 24/7 audit readiness.

Real Results You Can Count On

Safety, quality, productivity, culture… they all hinge upon the performance of your workforce. Invest in your training your employees, and reap the rewards.

Alchemy Training Solutions in action

How does Alchemy support your food safety and training needs?

Video: Acing GFSI and FSMA Audits
How can Alchemy help prepare and train your team to satisfy your GFSI and FSMA Audits
Video: Case Study – Lifestyle Bakery
Lifestyle Bakery had common challenges: intermittent and inconsistent training, glossed over by English and non-native speakers. See how they turned it around, resulting in greater operational efficiency.
Video: Reducing Workplace Injuries
How can Intertek Alchemy help to reduce workplace injuries.


Don’t take our word for it, see what happy Alchemy customers have to say.

Safety culture doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t come to life in the actions of our employees. That’s what Alchemy training is all about.

Jason Roach
Training CoordinatorKeurig Dr Pepper

Alchemy allows us to be consistent in our training, to provide value to our employees, and make sure that we can achieve our mission which is to be the best in all that we do.

Robert Munoz
Learning & Development ManagerJBS

From reducing our quality complaints in half, to reducing our quality holds by 20%, we’ve clearly seen positive effects attributed to well-trained employees.

Sari Trompke
Training AdministratorBigelow Tea

The Experts on Employee Training

Every day, over 1,500 companies rely on Intertek Alchemy to help keep 1 million employees at more than 7,500 facilities safe and productive.


The Intertek Alchemy Training System supports companies of all sizes across the global supply chain.


From farming to manufacturing, packaging to distribution, we can accommodate all types of locations.


Whether you are training full time, part time, seasonal, or contract workers, we have you covered.

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Learn more about how you can bring your safety culture by requesting a demo of Alchemy today.