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Recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Freshcare is an Australian-owned and operated company providing internationally recognised assurance standards for the fresh produce and wine grape industries.

Intertek SAI Global currently offer certification services against Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Standard (Edition 4.2) as well as Freshcare Supply Chain Standard (Edition 2) under JAS-ANZ accreditation.

Freshcare ensures best-practice standards and services to meet the industries’ needs now, and for the future, to safeguard Australian producers and industry.

Key Benefits

Industry Trust

From a broader perspective, Freshcare certification instills a deeper confidence within international markets regarding the reliability and safety of Australian produce. The Freshcare label is synonymous with the nation’s commitment to superior quality standards and agricultural excellence.

Tailored Standards

Freshcare stands out as the sole GFSI benchmarked standard uniquely tailored for Australian producers. Acknowledging the distinctive agricultural conditions of Australia, it provides specific training which empowers a deep comprehension and implementation of its rigorous standards.

Risk Mitigation

The Freshcare certification is rigorously validated through independent audits to ensure adherence to global compliance standards. This vigilant approach significantly mitigates risk and solidifies trust in the Freshcare certification process.

What Are the Standards?

More than just a Global Food Safety Standard.

Freshcare certified businesses sourcing or packing other produce must ensure all produce they represent for sale as ‘Freshcare certified’ has been grown and packed by a business currently certified to Freshcare FSQ or SCS or currently certified to an alternate, approved GFSI benchmarked standard.
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard (FSQ 4.2)

This program is instrumental in equipping growers and packer-growers with a suite of fundamental practices related to on-farm cultivation and post-harvest handling. These practices are crucial in ensuring compliance with food safety criteria, thereby delivering a guarantee to consumers about the quality and safety of the harvested produce.

Version 4.2 (FSQ4.2) of the Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Standard represents the latest iteration, designed for those participating growers and packer-growers aiming for certification. Carefully crafted to align with the newest market demands and international benchmarks, FSQ4.2 has achieved recognition by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guaranteeing the adoption of world-class standards in food safety.

Freshcare Supply Chain Standard (SCS2-FSQ)

he Freshcare Supply Chain Standard, now in its second edition (SCS2), stands as the pertinent certification mark for individuals within the program. This latest edition was unveiled in 2021 with the primary aim to align with prevailing market demands, integrate international standards, and meet the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) 2020.1 benchmarking needs.

Ensuring Australian produce remains competitive and retains unfettered access to global markets is at the heart of this update. The SCS2 underscores Freshcare’s commitment to excellence and safety in the food supply chain.

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