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Recycled Content Verification (RCV)

Due to the merger with Intertek, Intertek SAI Global’s offerings in Australia has continued to grow to include Recycled Content Verification. We bring global expertise and local resources to validate and certify the quantity or recycled content in packaging.

Transforming Recycled Content Traceability with Tacca

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Suppliers, Manufacturers and Retailers are increasingly challenged to ensure that environmental and sustainable claims of their products are meeting consumer demand for transparency and authenticity.

Today’s consumers are eco-savvy, and wary of misleading eco-claims on sustainability for products and packaging. In short, consumers are wary of greenwashing. In addition, regulators like the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are also seeking evidence to evaluate these claims. Intertek SAI Global’s Verified Recycled Content program supports suppliers and manufacturers validate and communicate the pre-consumer and/or post-consumer recycled content in their material, product or package in accordance with global labelling standards.

Intertek SAI Global Advantage

Why RCV?

The 2025 National Packaging Targets are supported by Australian industry and government to deliver a sustainable approach to packaging. They apply to all packaging that is made, used, and sold in Australia.As part of their sustainability initiatives, any organisation in the packaging supply chain should be using the 2025 National Packing Targets from The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) as their recycled content framework and guidance.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to verifying your recycled content verification, such as demonstrating leadership in reducing reliance on virgin materials and resources, satisfying procurement requirements and customer expectations for sustainable products, meeting global regulatory requirements for environmental labelling and “eco-claims”, meeting consumer demand for greater transparency, contributing to LEED® points (or other building programs) and differentiating your product with certification from an independent third party.

Why Us?

When you engage with Intertek SAI Global’s Verified Recycled Content program you will receive an evaluation report, certificate and the use of an Intertek SAI Global Sustainability Certification mark that can be used on products and packaging and will help you to effectively market your recycled content claim to your customers.

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Achieve competitive efficiency worldwide.

The RCV program enables each stakeholder to ensure quality, safety, and optimise the value of products within the plastics/polymer circular economy. Here are the most frequently asked questions in relation to the program.
What does the Intertek SAI Global Verified Recycled Content certification mark mean to me as a client?

The Intertek SAI Global certification mark enables you to confidently showcase your sustainability efforts to your consumer. This provides you with a distinct advantage in busy and competitive marketplaces for products demonstrating environmentally beneficial qualities. Including recycled content in the manufacture of your product, not only speaks to the efficiency and integrity of your supply chain, it also speaks to the commitment you’ve made to environmental stewardship.

Can I certify my product if it is produced at multiple facilities?

Yes, many clients have multiple production facilities. Information and documentation will be required from each facility involved in production.

Can I choose not to get a onsite audit?

The onsite audit is not optional as it is at Intertek’s discretion based on the quality of data and documentation from the supplier.

I have Grades/Products. Will I receive any discount?

For any price-related queries, Intertek recommends contacting the Sustainability Program Manager for specifics.

My raw material manufacturer has verified their recycled content. Can I get my final product verified too?

Yes, you can get the final product verified. For example, a paper manufacturer’s pulp supplier may have their pulp recycled content verified, and the manufacturer may want to, in turn, verify the recycled content of their paper.

Can I make any changes to the labels/ mark which will be provided by Intertek SAI Global?

No changes can be made to the words on the certification mark.

We internally recycled the material we used for recycled content verification. Can we get certified/verified?

There are some circumstances where recycled material generated within your own facility can be certified. We recommend contacting the Sustainability Program Manager for specifics.

Do you test our product? How do you determine the percentage of recycled content?

There is no commercially available test to determine the recycled content percentage of any material or products. To determine the recycled content percentage, we perform a mass balance calculation on the overall product weight, supported by documentation from suppliers and/or a onsite audit conducted by us.

Does Intertek SAI Global follow any global standards for the Verified Recycled Content program?

This program authenticates and classifies materials using definitions consistent with using definitions consistent with ISO 14021: 2016 Environmental labels and declarations – Self declared environmental claims.

Recycled Content Verification Brochure

Intertek SAI Global’s Verified Recycled Content program includes an evaluation report, a certificate, and the use of an Intertek Sustainability Certification mark that can be used on products and packaging to help you effectively market your recycled content claim to customers. Download the brochure for a summary of all things RCV with Intertek SAI Global.