National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP)

The National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) provides people with disability with access to effective disability advocacy, promoting and protecting full and equal enjoyment of all human rights.

To receive funding from the Commonwealth Government for the provision of advocacy services, you must have National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS) certification.

What Is It?

These standards enable nationally consistent quality standards to apply for the disability services sector.

The NSDS has a greater focus on person-centered approaches and promotes choice and control for people with disabilities.

Key areas within the NSDS includes:

  • Rights;
  • Participation and Inclusion;
  • Individual Outcomes;
  • Feedback and Complaints;
  • Service Access and;
  • Services Management.

For more information on the Government Policy, click here

NSDS Applicability

National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS) are applicable to:

  • Disability Advocacy Agencies
  • State-Funded Services (Depending on Funding Agreements)
NDAP Program Guidelines

The policy and implementation of the NDAP is guided by the principles and objectives of key legislation, conventions, agreements and frameworks.

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