CodeMark Demystified Q&A

Webinar Type: On Demand
Time: 12:00 PM
Duration: 30 Mins
Bill Iskander & Ehab Melek
SAI Global

On July 22, Program Manager, Bill Iskander and Service Delivery Leader, Ehab Melek presented CodeMark Demystified.

During the webinar, we received questions including.

  • What is the industry and CodeMark licence holders consultation process when changes are proposed to the Scheme Rules?
  • Why wouldn’t the NZ CodeMark logo contain “New Zealand” to avoid confusion with Australia?
  • Is CodeMark certification regarded as equivalent to Deemed to Satisfy?
  • Does the CodeMark Australia Scheme require a product/system to achieve ALL relevant performance requirements and Deemed to Satisfy provisions for its intended application?
  • Would CIPET India test reports be accepted?
  • Does SAI Global provide a list of test reports that are required to be carried out?
  • For manufacturers from overseas, does CodeMark accept Overseas test reports?
  • For material group number, Australia codes ask for testing according to AS 5637.1, for overseas manufacturers, when it is tested according to EN 13501-1, will SAI Global look at this?
  • Does SAI Global have a list which indicates the products’ scope that falls under CMK scheme?

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