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Intertek & SAI Global Cobrand: FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQ’s have been compiled for our valued customers due to the recent acquisition by Intertek, and subsequent announcements regarding the new Intertek SAI Global cobrand.

Please check this page regularly as we will be updating it with more information as it happens.If you have any further questions regarding the Intertek SAI cobrand, please contact us via email intertek.cobrand.asea@saiglobal.com.

Q: Why are you changing the SAI Global logo and branding?

A: SAI Global is changing their branding as a result of the recent acquisition by Intertek PLC. Read the original announcement here.

Q: Will there be changes to the 5 Ticks StandardsMark™ logos?

A: No, in Australia the 5 Ticks StandardsMark™ logos will remain unchanged at this stage. Customers are encouraged to continue their use of the logo(s) as normal.

Q: Can I still download my StandardsMarks logos from the website?

A: Yes. Customers can continue to download StandardsMarks™ logos from the 5 Ticks StandardsMark™ Download page here.

Q: Is my current audit certificate and/or StandardsMark™ logo still valid?

Yes. Your current certification and any related StandardsMark™ logos are still valid.

Q: Do I need to request a new version of my certificate?

A: No. At this stage there are no new certificates to reissue.

Q: I have a certificate of learning issued to me by SAI Global. Is it still valid?

A: Yes your learning qualification with SAI Global is still valid.

Q: What does the new cobranded logo look like?

A: The new branding includes an updated SAI Global & Intertek logo, typeface, and graphical elements. These changes reflect a look in alignment with Intertek’s globally recognisable brand. Please refer to the News article about the logo and brand here.

Q: When will you transition to the new cobranded logo?


A: In Australia, a gradual introduction of the new branding will begin from the beginning of March however as this is a large project it will happen in a staged gated process over the next 6-12 months.

Please check back to this FAQ for further updates.

Q: I’m a customer based in Australia, but my organisation is multinational. What changes can I expect to see?


A: Being a global business you can expect some regions to transition more quickly to the new cobrand. Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

Q: Will SAI Global continue to offer the same services to customers?


A: Yes, and in addition to these services we are now in a position to talk to you about a variety of risk management solutions for business. Read the News article about these new services here.

Q: Does the change in branding affect my contractual agreement with SAI Global?


A: No. Contractual agreements with SAI Global will remain the same.

Q: Will SAI Global continue to operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?

A. Yes. In Australia, SAI Global will continue to offer high-quality vocational education and training courses as a Registered Training Organisation RTO).

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Intertek SAI cobrand, please contact us via email.

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