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Cyber Security Awareness Month
October marks Cyber Security Awareness Month. To support, SAI Global is offering a 15% discount on ISO 27001 Audits and ISO 27001 Foundation Training.
DESE ISM Control Updates
Get the latest updates to the DESE ISM Scheme Controls as they are announced. Providers must ensure their SoA is maintained to a version of the ISM that is no more than 3 months old.
Cybersecurity Threats – Is Your Business Prepared For An Attack?
The pandemic has created new cybersecurity challenges for businesses as they adapt their operating model for remote working. Cyberattacks are inevitable. Responding appropriately to an attack is not just the responsibility of your IT department - everyone in the organisation has a role to play
Information Security – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility
With the number of Cyberattacks increasing, organisations need to educate their employees to create a culture of security awareness.
The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Explained
Organisations looking to become part of the Defence Supply Chain must join the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). This blog demystifies DISP.
3 Key Considerations to be Successful in your DESE ISMS Scheme Certification
An ISO 27001 Information Security Management System enables organisations to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
What is the DESE ISMS Scheme, What is the audit process and How do I prepare? Get the answers to the most frequently asked DESE ISMS Scheme questions.
Government Suppliers – Understanding Integrated Management Systems Certification
Win more tenders! Learn how integrated management systems creates business opportunity, reduces duplication and cost, and improves risk management.
Online Shopping Boom And New Trade Deal Has Exposed Vulnerabilities In Logistics Sector
Global risk management provider SAI Global says the enormous pressure on businesses in the logistics and supply chain sectors by this year’s exponential growth in delivery volumes, has exposed operational and workforce vulnerabilities.
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