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Vital trends in assurance

Vital trends in assurance

In a rapidly changing business environment, the role of assurance professionals is constantly evolving to adapt to global risks, new technologies, industry trends, and evolving customer needs. 

According to the global risks report, there are several key areas that require collaborative attention. To monitor, manage and mitigate these risks, businesses use ISO standards to establish best practice in their industry. Upskilling your teams in using the relevant standards for your industry will give your business a competitive advantage. 

From a career perspective, it’s important to stay aware of the shifting dynamics of macros trends and risks – as it allows assurance professionals to stay on the leading edge of emerging solutions, on both a global and local stage. 

Training gives you the competitive advantage 

Training is the key mechanism for professionals and businesses to stay ahead of the curve. It equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively. Employee training ensures that the workforce remains up-to-date and proficient in their respective fields, fostering innovation and productivity.  

Auditing is the ultimate adaptable skillset 

Auditing skills are adaptable to any business. The value of auditing skills are that they are highly adaptable to any business, and bring analytical skills, quality management and streamlined processes to any organisation. For example you can add broad qualifications to your toolkit as an internal auditor, lead auditor or quality management. For businesses, the value of having an expert in auditing in your team is to advise on the standards that are applicable to your business.  

Investing in training 

Growing your portfolio of skills is the fastest way to accelerate your career. Auditing and assurance training will develop your analytical skills, and give you in-depth knowledge on how to apply the right standards to your business.  

By investing in training programs, businesses can cultivate a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that contributes to overall organisational success.

Key trends in assurance

To prepare for the shifting business landscape of the future, we have identified 8 key trends that are emerging across assurance, auditing and business management.

TREND 1: Sustainability is the key to future growth

Sustainability has shot to the top of business agendas, with pioneering companies seamlessly integrating sustainability into their core business strategy to unlock its potential to foster greater innovation and productivity. 

Sustainability assurance training is the key to increase the impetus and find low-impact solutions for your business. In order to equip professionals with the right mix of sustainability skills, we offer training across a number of ISO Standards from Environmental Management, Energy Management and Social Compliance.  

These are the key courses that help businesses improve their environmental reporting.  

Environment 14001 EMS 

Energy Management ISO 5001 


TREND 2: People are at the core of business success with CSR 

People’s wellbeing sits at the heart of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Businesses who adopt strong social responsibility build trust and credibility within their communities of stakeholders. Companies who prioritise their people create a positive experience for their customers, suppliers, investors and the wider public, and enhance their reputation. 

That’s why we have designed courses for leaders who want to put people at the forefront of business goals. From ensuring their teams have strong psychological health, to best practices in safety and ensuring equitable work practices across their supply chain networks from modern slavery.  

These are the courses we have on offer to improve social goals for businesses: 


TREND 3: Growing urgency to upskill food safety auditors 

Food safety auditors are in high demand in Australia right now. Across the food industry, there is a growing urgency to upskill the next generation of Food Safety Auditors. As scrutiny around food safety has increased, and new data science approaches are being introduced into the sector, the food industry is in a growth phase. 

To inspire food safety Auditors, we have designed a series of food safety courses to equip food professionals with the right qualifications to suit their area of speciality. 

Quintessential food safety training: 

Highly specialised food safety training: 


TREND 4: Information security and cybersecurity are of critical importance

Protecting your business information is the sleeping giant of technology. An ISMS, or Information Security Management System, is a framework that helps businesses manage and protect their sensitive information.
Upskilling your team with training in Information Security Management Systems means that you have a team member who intricately knows your business, and can assess the relevant standards requirements for your data.
These are the key courses to boost your skills in information security. 


TREND 5: Pioneering businesses are leading the way with triple certification

Leading businesses are illustrating their environmental commitments with triple certification, which streamlines the management of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. By integrating these elements into a unified system, businesses can simplify their operations – making it easier to monitor, manage, and improve their performance in these critical areas.
By upskilling your team across quality, safety and environment, you can draw on their in-depth knowledge of the relevant standards to offer significant insights into your business. 

The training that we offer across these three areas (EMS, OHS, QMS) is the following: 

TREND 6: Demands in leadership are constantly evolving 

In business, leadership and management training serves as the cornerstone for organisational success and growth. Firstly, it fosters effective communication skills, empowering leaders to articulate visions, delegate, and provide feedback, which enhances team cohesion and productivity. Leadership training also cultivates strategic thinking, equipping managers with the skills to navigate challenges and recognise opportunities.  

By investing in the continuous development of leadership and management, businesses can drive resilience, foster a culture of excellence, and achieve sustainable success. 

That’s why we offer specialised training in leadership and management. These are our most popular courses on offer: 


TREND 7: Remote working is here to stay: Work from anywhere, upskill at any time 

Online training offers flexibility to balance work commitments and professional training. With full access to a wide range of courses from anywhere, you can stay updated on the latest industry standards and regulations.  

Training is affordable, reducing travel and accommodation expenses while still delivering high-quality instruction. Assurance professionals can enhance their skills and knowledge conveniently and efficiently with the best quality assurance courses. 


TREND 8: Growing interest in artificial intelligence audits 

With the latest release of the AI Management Systems ISO 42001:2023, Intertek SAI Global are currently in development of several courses to equip professionals on the Artificial Intelligence Standard ISO 42001:2023 AI Management System.

We have just launched a brand new one-day foundation course on artificial intelligence management systems. This new course is designed to help establish robust knowledge on the new Standard ISO 42001:2023 AI Management System. 

Take part in the new course on ISO 42001:2023 AI Management System Foundation. This one-day course will equip participants with a basic understanding of: 

  • Governance: The important role of governance to build trust in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems 
  • Ethics: Key considerations around AI use including ethical development and use 
  • ISO standard: The elements of an Artificial Intelligence Management System (AIMS) based on ISO/IEC 42001:2023 
  • Benefits: The key benefits of implementing an Artificial Intelligence Management System (AIMS) based on ISO/IEC 42001:2023 
  • Risk management: How to identify and manage risks related to the use of AI 
  • Integration: The integration of ISO/IEC 42001 with other standards 

Gain foundational knowledge of the importance of governance to build trust in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Consider the ethical development and use of AI. Dive into the key elements of the AI Management System ISO/IEC 42001:2023 Standard. 

Even better, maximise your training budget 

Most organisations have a designated training budget to upskill their employees. For many, this returns to zero at the end of the financial year. 

That’s why we are offering a 30% saving on training courses with Intertek SAI Global. 

Want more information on training and available courses? Visit our learning site today and save 30% on all public training

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