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3 Key Considerations to be Successful in your DESE ISMS Scheme Certification

Organisations seeking certification to the DESE ISMS Scheme must assess their options when choosing a Certification Body to partner with.

The DESE ISMS Scheme is a customised version of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Standard combined with the controls of the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

The Scheme requires providers of employment skills training and disability employment services to be compliant with the framework in order to keep up with changing information security risks.

Organisations seeking certification to the DESE ISMS Scheme are encouraged to consider 3 critical elements to ensure success.

1. Ensuring you have an Appropriate Audit Duration

The scheme utilises the Australian Governments ISM controls. As such, organisations need a longer audit duration to ensure compliance.

Minimising your audit duration could directly impact your compliance and ultimately negate your ability to service your customers.

2. Partnering with a Reputable Certification Body

Organisations certifying to the DESE ISMS Scheme need to partner with a trusted certification body that has the proven experience to maintain your organisation’s ISMS accreditation.

SAI Global is the leading provider of ISMS audits in Australia. Supported by established auditing, technical and operational governance.

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3. Customer Support Throughout the Audit Lifecycle

To ensure continued success in audit outcomes, organisations will need consistent communication throughout the audit lifecycle.

SAI Global’s local teams of auditors, technical personnel, operational and commercial staff are here to support your audit experience.

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