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AHG RL Successfully Completes Audit Cycle Remotely With SAI Global

AHG Refrigerated Logistics (AHG RL) were in the middle of their nation-wide audit-cycle when Australian State borders started to close. AHG RL not only understood the risks they were in during this global pandemic, but also the risks in meeting their regulatory requirements and customer needs.

For Greg Codd, this meant an alternative solution was needed to maintain their food safety management system certification, as travel was no longer permitted, and he couldn’t attend the audit in person.

Mr. Codd is the National Food Safety & Quality Manager at AHG RL, a HACCP and Woolworths Supplier Excellence (WSE) certified organisation that provides temperature-controlled delivery and warehousing services, nation-wide. With a commitment to their customers to deliver goods on time and in perfect condition, SAI Global were able to reassess the situation with AHG RL and arranged for video-conferencing to take place so the audit could be completed in a timely manner.

I attend each food safety audit to ensure that the auditors complete the regulatory audits as required with ease and show AHG RL’s commitment to food safety.The SAI Global auditor attended the site, after completing the required COVID-19 declaration and set up in front of the video conferencing facilities, the rest was history we completed the audit with no issues and in a timely manner.

If the audits were postponed or cancelled, issues would have arisen in meeting regulatory and customer requirements. Using technology, AHG RL were able to share screens and the auditor was able to review site records, training and foods safety management systems, in real time.

“We will be using this method again should the need arise or if we are still in lockdown during August and September, when the next cycle of audits are due.”

Amanda Gates, WHS & Food Safety Manager in Victoria, and participant of a remote audit expressed the value of being able to connect “face-to-face” with staff, leadership and auditors when they can’t physically be in the same place.

“Being able to conduct audits during this current national emergency due to COVID-19 has been really helpful. It’s critical to our business to be able to prove our compliance to ensure food safety for the Australian public. The support from SAI Global has been fantastic and it has allowed us to complete our audits when they are due.”

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