The Road to an Effective Human Rights Due Diligence Program in the Supply Chain

Expectations from investors, business partners, non-governmental organisations and governments have never been higher for businesses to make meaningful progress towards ‘knowing and showing’ their respect for human rights.

Corporate human rights due diligence is slowly becoming expected conduct for all types of businesses, regardless of the size of sectors.

No matter where you are in this journey—whether you are just starting to understand your supply chain impacts, already have supply chain management policies and strategies built into your corporate identity or exploring how to embed human rights due diligence—this paper will help inspire and clarify your next steps.

This whitepaper examines:

  • What is does Due Diligence mean in this context;
  • What is Human Rights ;
  • The Complexity of Supply Chains; and
  • Next Steps for Organisations

Download this whitepaper to learn about the foundations of this important supply chain issue.


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