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ISO Certification for Manufacturers

Manufacturers can use ISO Management Systems Certification to build competitive advantage and create trust.

Management systems are important tools for supporting manufacturers adhere to legal and tender requirements for production, services and business activities.

Certifying your management systems provides an immediate boost to your organisation’s credibility and reputation. It demonstrates your commitment to consistently delivering quality products and services on-time and to your customer’s expectations.

Today’s manufacturers should implement an integrated management system that manages multiple aspects of their organisation’s operations, including quality, environmental, health and safety, and information security.

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An Integrated Management System builds competitive advantage by enabling 5 key enhancements to your organisation:

  1. Performance – streamlined processes ensures on-time delivery and satisfied customers.
  2. Cost Reduction – reduce the risks of costly defects and optimise resource consumption.
  3. Process Efficiency – eliminate duplication and redundancy to improve efficiency.
  4. Accountability – improve organisational transparency and employee ownership.
  5. Continual Improvement – embed continual improvement throughout the organisation.

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