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Why in-house training is critical for sustainable business growth

Why in-house training is critical for sustainable business growth

Create an interactive training experience for your team

In a fast-paced business environment, investing in employee training and development has become more important than ever for businesses to achieve sustainable growth. While there are various training options available, in-house training stands out as a highly effective and valuable learning method for organisations of all sizes.

Bring learning to your workplace with in-house training

Gone are the days where employees need to travel to external venues for training experiences – today, businesses are bringing learning directly to the workplace to make it less disruptive, and more convenient and impactful for teams.

Here are some key benefits of in-house training:

  • Cost-efficiency:In-house training is more cost-efficient than sending employees offsite. It eliminates the expenses associated with travel, accommodation, and external training facilities. This is a significant cost saving for organisations with multiple employees who require training.
  • Flexibility and convenience:With no need to send employees offsite, operations won’t be disrupted and productivity will remain the same. Training sessions can be scheduled to minimize workflow interruptions, meaning employees can return to BAU in no time. At Intertek SAI Global, we bring industry experts to your premises for practical, engaging and in-depth learning experiences.
  • Active learning with your team:Employees tend to engage more actively in the learning process when in a familiar environment. In-house training provides the opportunity to learn in a more practical and hands-on way, fostering better retention of new knowledge and greater communication among team members.
  • Business continuity:In-house training ensures consistency in the delivery of training across the organisation. With a standardised curriculum and training approach, all employees receive the same level of instruction, ensuring uniformity in knowledge and skill development. Consistent training also helps reinforce organisational values and best practices.
  • Customise to your organisation: The content, format and approach can be tailored to address the specific needs, challenges and objectives of your organisation. We will partner with you to refine the program based on what you are looking to achieve.
  • Benchmarking to best practices: Our practical and applied approach allows you to compare your business scenarios with industry best practices, ensuring you stay ahead.

Bring your team together in person, and virtually

Naturally you will have teams in different locations and time-zones. We can design the program to suit your team, and virtual training is a popular choice.

Benefits of virtual training are:

  • Instructor-led: Live video conferencing with trainer
  • Immersive training: Interacting with the trainer and other attendees
  • Digital screens: With screen sharing and virtual whiteboard
  • Group activities: Virtual break out room for the teams to split into groups for their group activities
  • Coaching in and mentoring with trainer: Trainer available for all students throughout the training

Three tiered-approach to corporate learning workshops

As a premium training organisation, Intertek SAI Global can provide three unique corporate learning solutions to suit every organisation’s needs.

Off-the-shelf training

A cost-effective way to deliver training to your staff. Our expert trainers come to you to deliver a shared learning experience.

  • Public course delivered at a location and time of your choice
  • Confidential facilitation of business experiences
  • Expert trainers share industry insight and best practices
  • Internationally recognised units of competency

Customised training

Work with SAI Global’s learning specialists to scope, design, develop and deliver a unique bespoke learning experience.

  • Dedicated team to support your customisation
  • Scope, design, develop and deliver a bespoke learning experience
  • Build units of competency into your course
  • Flexible learning delivery options

Contextualised training

Make our training courses yours by incorporating your policies and procedures, as well as workplace examples

  • Off-the-shelf course contextualised to your business requirements
  • Incorporate your policies and procedures into the course
  • Update case studies and examples to your experiences
  • Add additional materials to the course handouts

Upskill your team

Training is always better with fellow team members. Organising team training sessions can lead to a cohesive, safety-aware workforce that is far more resilient and proactive.

Immersive training experiences often facilitate:

  • Collaboration: Working through training scenarios fosters a culture of mutual support and united action.
  • Enhanced communication: Clear channels for discussing safety concerns can prevent incidents before they occur.
  • Shared learning: The collective knowledge gained during training becomes a shared resource, multiplying its impact.

Gather your team and design your next team event with in-house training courses.

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