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Kingspan Australia Leading the Way with CodeMark Certification

Kingspan is the first insulation material company to be CodeMark certified in Australia.

Kingspan is a global leader in the insulation space. With divisions in dozens of countries, the company has grown into a multibillion-dollar business since its humble origins in Ireland in the 1960s. Its primary business focuses on sustainability products such as insulation, insulated panels, building insulation materials and also renewable energy products and water tanks.

“We need to demonstrating compliance of our products because we’re competing in a marketplace where people need confidence in the materials that they are using.”


With the rapid growth of the business and its product range, the need for strengthened credibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace became essential. To ensure their customers could have confidence in the materials they were using, the company needed to build assurance into their processes. Knowing they were doing things correctly was vital, in terms of determining and demonstrating compliance of products.


To action this, a reliable certification body was critical. Kingspan knew of SAI Global as a recognised name, with a solid reputation for reliable processes. Keith Anderson is Kingspan’s Technical R&D and Accreditations Manager and he recalls the ease and professionalism of the process as a key factor in the early stages of the Kingspan – SAI relationship. “We quickly realised that it was a very in depth and thorough process,” he explains. “It probably took about 12 months to get the first certification through and that’s just testament to the thoroughness and the completeness of the certification process”.

Since achieving that initial accreditation, Kingspan has numerous products that have successfully gone through the certification process. Their confidence has only become stronger over time, in SAI Global’s ability to understand the products and what’s required for them to demonstrate conformance to the building code.

A lot of this comes down to the close relationships built between Kingspan and their SAI client manager and their capacity to get to know and understand the business. Keith Anderson explains: “It’s an assessment against the building code, so our client manager needs to understand the code and understand to the extent of the products we’re supplying what clauses, what factors within the building code requirements apply to our products.”

“We’ve got that confidence that they’re supplying us with quality certification and have covered all of the issues that need to be covered to ensure that certification is sound and testable in the marketplace.”

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