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Updated WaterMark Schedules
Intertek SAI Global are currently working with ABCB regarding the release of Notice of Directions relating to Certification Transition for Lead Free Plumbing Products, and Marking Requirements for Lead Free Plumbing Products. On the 28th of February 2023, the ABCB has provided the following updates on the latest for the Lead Free WaterMark Certification Trademark.
Lead-Free Plumbing Products – Understanding Compliance
Watch the webinar to understand what the new limit for allowable lead in plumbing products means and how it will impact your business, as well as the transition requirements and deadlines. 
Everything You Want to Know About CodeMark Certification
CodeMark certification ensures new and innovative products are appropriately and objectively assessed by a third party.
Case Study
Kingspan Australia Leading the Way with CodeMark Certification
With the rapid growth and success of the business, Kingspan used CodeMark certification to provide confidence and trust in its products.
CodeMark Demystified Q&A
Watch this Q&A to have your CodeMark Demystified Questions answered
CodeMark Q&A with Hendry
Watch this panel of experts respond to your questions from the CodeMark Certification and the Building Code webinar with Hendry Group.
CodeMark Certification and the Building Code with Hendry
Join us on Tuesday 17 November for a live webinar where we will discuss the use of CodeMark Certification in the construction industry, and what to look for on a certificate.
CodeMark Demystified with SAI Global
CodeMark is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme. Learn what it is, key parties involved, and differences between the BCA and NZBC.

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