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6 Steps to Renew Your NDIS Registration

Renewing your NDIS registration can be overwhelming when there isn’t a clear pathway outlined. We’ve got you covered with this 6 step guide on how to renew your NDIS registration.


6 Step Renewal Process

Step 1. Submit a Renewal Application
To apply for a renewal of your registration as an NDIS provider, you will need to log in to the NDIS portal and go to ‘My Registration’ to get started. Next, you will need to submit a renewal application including your provider information and a Self-Assessment, up to 6 months prior to your renewal date.

Step 2. Update your Scope of Audit
After you submit your application, you will receive a new Initial Scope of Audit document that summarises your registration requirements.

You will need to provide this document to SAI Global to determine whether you require a ‘verification’ or ‘certification’ audit, as well as the length of your audit.

5 Things To Prepare Before Your NDIS Audit
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Step 3. Update your Audit Plan
SAI Global will review your Initial Scope of Audit document and update your audit plan to match any changes to your registration. Your audit plan could change if there is an increase in number of sites, participants or new registration groups/modules added.

Step 4. Complete your Stage 1 Audit
The NDIS Commission has mandated that a Stage 1 Audit be conducted prior to the Re-Certification Audit. This audit is a document review.

Step 5. Complete your Recertification Audit
The Recertification Audit is similar to a Stage 2 Audit but will also review non-conformances your most recent audit identified, to ensure ongoing improvement.

It will assess the:

  • effectiveness of your service in its entirety, and its continued appropriateness for meeting the conditions of registration of the NDIS provider;
  • demonstrated commitment to maintaining the effectiveness and improvement of the service to enhance overall performance; and
  • effectiveness of the service with regard to achieving the certified NDIS provider’s objectives and the intended results of its service to participants.

Step 6. NDIS Commission will Review your Application
Upon successful completion of your Recertification Audit, SAI Global will submit a recommendation to the Commission. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of registration.

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