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Conducting Remote Audits
Join our FREE webinar on July 28 to learn what challenges are associated with conducting remote audits, and what skills you need to overcome them.
Driving Continual Improvement with Internal Auditing
Unpack key components of Driving Continual Improvement with Internal Auditing.
How To Conduct And Manage An Effective Internal Audit Program
Unpack key components of an effective audit program including the Internal Audit Process and Preparing the Audit Report with Lead Facilitator, David Gray.
Sustainable Quality Management in Utilities and Health Government
SAI Global has developed practical and applied training courses that meet the unique requirements of government departments.
Building Excellence in Government
Discover the benefits and key considerations a training programme can have in building excellence in government departments and city councils.
Implementing a Training Strategy in the Manufacturing Sector
Training and development are important for manufacturers to remain competitive, improve process efficiency and reduce costly errors.
Benchmarking Your Food Safety Training Program
Embedding a culture of food safety can protect your frontline staff, uphold productivity and ultimately, drive your bottom line.
Managing an Effective Internal Audit Program
An accurate view of process and performance is vital – and this is where managing an effective internal audits is invaluable.
Conducting Internal Audits Using ISO 19011:2018
ISO 19011 gives practical information on how an organization can manage its internal audit program and provides a ‘roadmap’ for organizations
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