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Understanding Your NDIS Audit: The People And The Process

The NDIS auditing process can be a daunting experience for many providers.

However, with the right experience and expertise, an auditor can help make this process easier for you to provide a comprehensive and compliant audit report based on your requirements and the requirements of the NDIS Commission.

With over 20 years’ experience operating in the industry, SAI Global Assurance is the largest and most trusted JAS-ANZ accredited certification body in Australia, and one of the biggest providers of audits in health, human services and disability services.

Plus, as the first Certification Body to achieve accreditation for the NDIS Practice Standards by the NDIS Commission and JAS-ANZ, SAI Global Assurance is committed to supporting the program and our customers to deliver a quality and comprehensive audit.

About Our Auditors

With teams located throughout Australia, SAI Global has the local resources and knowledge needed to understand your unique requirements, help you through the NDIS certification/verification process, and identify opportunities for continual development for improved performance.

Police checks, Working with Children Checks and regular performance reviews, including on-site witnessing of their audit work, forms part of our processes.

Our Auditors’ Experience

All NDIS auditors at SAI Global undergo vigorous NDIS Auditor Training delivered by the NDIS Commission’s training partner. Not only do they have the knowledge required to conduct an NDIS audit, most of our auditors also have many years of practical experience working in the disabilities services sector, with some holding clinical qualifications where necessary.

To provide the best service and quality of audit for your organisation, our auditors work closely with their Service Delivery leaders (who are auditors themselves) and go through continual training and professional development to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest information and industry standards. This includes, but not limited to:

1. Regular meetings to cover:

  • Any regulatory changes to standards (NDIS and HSQF, etc.)
  • Technical updates
  • Business reviews
  • Professional development required


2. Ongoing training through:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Internal audits
  • Customer feedback
  • Competency evaluations
  • Report reviews
  • Staff performance reviews
  • Changes in the Standards, legal and other requirements
  • Changes in auditing techniques and internal processes

3. In addition to this, auditors maintain their competence by:

  • Updating their knowledge of management systems, product standards and industry sectors
  • Updating their knowledge of auditing procedures and methods
  • Utilising performance monitoring feedback


4. They are re-assessed for competency through:

  • Interviews
  • On-site competency assessment
  • Review of audit reports
  • Discussions with colleagues and clients
  • Testing – oral and/ or written examinations
  • Positive and negative feedback

All auditors must comply with SAI Global Policies and Standard operating procedures; including compliance with requirements for staff training and competency.

How Auditors Are Assigned

To ensure our auditors are competent in auditing the NDIS Practice Standards, NDIS registration groups and specific NDIS Practice Standards Modules, we assess their competency and, if competent, allocate the Standard and specific codes to our auditors.

Your organisations are similarly coded (based on the Registration Groups and Modules requiring auditing) and our system then ‘matches these’. This ensures that only competent and trained auditors can be assigned to conduct your audits.

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The Audit Process

There are three key requirements for SAI Global to conduct an audit:

  1. Ability to access system documentation such as policies, procedures, and instructions.
  2. Ability to access files for participants and staff.
  3. Ability to conduct interviews with staff and participants.

All of these can be conducted remotely via a mix of telephone and computer technologies, or on-site with processes in place to ensure the safety of you, your staff and your participants during this global pandemic.

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