Food Safety Culture – 10 Steps to Lead and Empower your Team

Webinar Type: On Demand
When: March 25, 2021
Duration: 57:39
Presented By:
Denise Webster
Industry Expert
SAI Global Assurance

People are at the heart of food safety culture so it’s no surprise the most common question we receive in our webinars is HOW to measure Food Safety Culture. Measuring people’s behavior and their intentions may feel like a challenge, but there are best practices to help guide you.

The maturity of an organization’s food safety culture can be measured several ways, including:

  • Food Safety Audit Reports
  • Employee Morale
  • Reviewing Documentation
  • Feedback from Senior Management

In this webinar, we uncover tips including:

  • Leadership Engagement
  • Establishing Goals
  • Positive Recognition
  • Perception vs Reality
  • Resources
  • Food Safety Policy
  • Leadership at all Levels
  • Audit Preparation
  • Proactive or Reactive
  • Collaboration
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