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Each year, the Intertek SAI Global team delivers more than 125,000 audits and training courses to over 100,000 people across 130 countries.

Audit & Certification

Adopt vital standards to gain a competitive edge, improve business performance, lower risk, and sustain a safe and positive workplace culture.

Product Certification

Build greater trust, integrity, and transparency into your business with our comprehensive range of product certifications including the 5 Ticks StandardsMark™.

Assurance Learning

Realise your true potential with training courses to help you develop key skills, become a valued expert, and stay connected to current global best practice.

Where Compliance Meets Culture

Our Mission Is Safeguarding Your Success
At Intertek SAI Global, we embed compliance and quality assurance into your organisation’s processes and culture to help keep your most valuable assets – your customers – safe. All over the world, our clients rely on us to help increase the transparency, relevance, safety, and value of the offerings they take to market. Through long term partnerships, we do this by assuring key disciplines such as operational efficiency and processes, product quality, and workplace safety and wellbeing. Our training and assurance programs help ensure that your people, processes, and technologies continue to perform at the highest level expected by all stakeholders.

5 Ticks StandardsMark™

Get instant credibility for your product certification with the Intertek SAI Global ‘5 Ticks’ StandardsMark™, the world’s most recognisable logo.

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Assurance Learning

As a leading provider of training, Intertek SAI Global offers a wide range of training courses delivered to more than 100,000 customers across the globe annually. Learn to plan, implement, assess and improve your management system across your organisation.

Client Testimonials

Our clients share the cultural and business impact they’ve achieved through partnering with the SAI Assurance team.

We would like to express our gratitude for the professionalism and understanding shown by your Auditor during the recent “virtual” recertification audit.

Ian Dodds
Manager for Safety Governance and AssuranceAirbus Australia Pacific

I appreciated the support given to ensure a successful outcome for both Pental and SAI Global. I would highly recommend Intertek SAI Global as a professional organisation who have shown that they can adjust to the challenges of change.

Robyn Gledhill
Quality Assurance ManagerPental Ltd

Intertek SAI Global’s auditors were extremely professional and I’ve always had positive encounters and great responses. Getting certified by them ensured me that we can confidently provide our services and fully support our future customers.

Lyndell Jennison
Coordinator of SupportsAratok

Intertek SAI Global’s auditors take the fear out of being audited and make it a pleasant and learning experience. I felt free to discuss my concerns about our system and was rewarded with many ideas on more opportunities for improvement.

Brenda Mensch
Quality CoordinatorAqua Process Inc.

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