On Demand WEBINAR: Introducing Alchemy Training Solutions

Webinar Type: On Demand
When: August 30, 2023
Time: 12:30pm
Duration: 60 mins
Christine Georgey and Niel Kennedy
Intertek SAI Global

3 Key Strategies to Unlock the Future of Work

To introduce Alchemy Training Solutions to the Australian shores, we are hosting an exclusive webinar to explore the challenges and opportunities in workforce solutions.

Join us for an in-depth discussion on the three competing tensions at play across business today.

Three challenges facing businesses in Australia today are skills shortages, complex audit reporting and integrating technology across your workforce.

High staff turnover is a costly problem in manufacturing. Manufacturing is a major employer in Australia, providing work for over 870,000 people across the country.

That’s why we have launched Alchemy Training Solutions – to respond to this growing need for fast, effective and adaptable workforce training. Alchemy Training Solutions offers fully customised, digital training across multiple sites, in multiple languages and in real-time.

Our key speakers will share insights and strategies to unlock the future of work with next generation training solutions. We will be joined by experts in training and assurance Christine Georgey and Niel Kennedy hosted by Nina Mulé.

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