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Sustainable Quality Management in Utilities and Health Government

Enabling End-to-end Quality Management Systems (QMS) is the primary factor in obtaining high quality data that is dependable and meaningful.

Utilities and Healthcare place great emphasis on quality management systems (QMS). QMS is an integral part of both these public sector areas and, can have immediate positive and negative impacts on customers, patients and staff.

The prerequisite for gathering informative data is implementing a high quality management system. Underpinning this system are specific sets of processes and procedures. This is where training comes into the mix as a way of giving valuable insights into a business’s QMS.

Analysing the processes and procedures through training sessions can help address many challenges, especially in the healthcare and Utilities sector. Some of the challenges include:

  • Emerging Technologies: How are renewable energy sources going to affect my management system?
  • Risk Assessment – What is risk level of monitoring food safety procedures in hospitals?
  • Continuous Monitoring – How do I check that I have the right tools in place to ensure the highest level of quality data, product and service?

This is where training plays an important role in your organisation’s ability to gather the right data.

Consistent training allows for continual opportunities to review, assess and revise any systems that no longer suits the business.

Due to the immediate effects on a company both utilities and health departments can significantly benefit from ongoing training, in terms of developing the right framework to meet best practice.

Benefits of Training in Utilities and Health Government

Sydney Water, a long-standing customer of SAI Global must adhere to different policies such as water management, operational procedures, water quality and continual improvement. Undertaking training at regular intervals helps in identifying operational inconsistencies early on. As a result, there is a greater chance of being able to acquire quality data sets that can be measured.

Similarly in Health, SAI Global has delivered several training sessions to hospitals in South Australia. The training content is contextualised so to provide relevant examples. In particular, hospital-based case studies to best assess hospitals standard requirements, especially when it comes to food safety training. In an environment where patient’s dietary requirements play a critical role in recovery, there is no room for chance.

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Courses To Consider for Utilities

ISO 9001:2015 Foundation forms the basis of quality management and provides useful insights of the key concepts that underpin an effective quality management system.

Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 19011:2018  is also an integral part of being able to meet Exemplar Global competencies. As a result, being compliant with the performance standards of conducting a successful audit.

Courses To Consider for Health Government

The Principles and Applications of HACCP course is the basis for all food safety management systems and the universally accepted tool to identify and eliminate food safety hazards.

As successful implementation of a HACCP plan is a key component of Food Safety Management and health, SAI Global also offers HACCP Refresher . This means you will receive a consistent learning experience which has the potential to result in a consistent approach to developing and improving food safety management within Health.

Why Partner with SAI Global

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO no. 106919) and a long-standing partner with Utility and Health organisations, SAI Global has developed practical and applied training courses that meet the unique requirements of these government departments.

Expert Trainers 

With 20 plus years of experience with Government and Public Sector clients, our trainers can thoroughly explain course theory as they have industry specific knowledge to be able to include practical in-field insights and examples as part of the training.

A Range of Delivery Options to Suit You 

At SAI Global, we understand all organisations operate differently. Our range of courses can be delivered in a method that suits you, whether that’s face-to-face, online, virtual or in-house.

  • Classroom Training – With classrooms conveniently located in major cities around Australia, our trainers will take you through our practical and applied training.
  • Virtual Training – Same classroom experience delivered virtually, so that you can train wherever you want.
  • Online Training – Available to you anytime and anywhere, gain the needed on-demand.
  • In-House Training – A cost effective method for training groups of employees, contextualised for your organisation and scheduled at a time that suits you.
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