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Real Life Applications of Risk-Based Thinking for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
During this webinar Khurshed Kutky will review key clauses of the standard that can transform your approach to problem solving and illustrate how can you further entrench RBT in your QMS processes.
A Risk-Based Approach For Food Safety Management Systems
In this webinar, Dr Bob Strong will discuss Pathogens: consequences and results, and Food Allergen Labeling Regulations.
ISO 27001: A Risk Based Approach to Cyber Security
According to a recent SAI Global survey, more than 55% of respondents don’t realise that they’re vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Hackers really have the advantage here – it’s all they do – attacking every 39 seconds, which is on average, 2,244 times a day.
Real-Life Applications Of Risk-Based Thinking In ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001 is based on the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) management cycle. Organisations consider combining the Risked-based thinking and PDCA
Supply Chain Risk Management
Spices are one of the top 12 most at-risk food ingredients for adulteration. Product safety has always been a critical challenge for food manufacturers
Real Life Applications of Risk-Based Thinking for ISO 9001
Using practical examples, this webinar will illustrate how to apply the new concept of 'risk-based thinking' into your organization's day-to-day work processes.
Improve Awareness And Management Of Risks
During this webinar Denise Webster, Industry Expert will provide insights into the Food Safety Culture journey that goes beyond the fundamentals of food safety and how this could make a positive difference.
Future Challenges of Assurance
Hear from SAI Global Assurance CEO, John Rowley, about key issues facing the Assurance Industry globally.
Risk Management Techniques For Sustainable Business Success
Preparing for and responding to issues and crises is a commonly experienced task for all organisations around the world.
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